Create a strong visual impact

A Valence Video Wall allows you to visually showcase your business, provide valuable service and promotional information and entertain your audience in a brilliantly appealing way.

Valence Video Wall Matrix

A wall typically comprises a matrix of commercial grade, high definition screens that can be operated in two modes. Content can be displayed as a single image “tiled” across the panels that make up the wall or high definition content can be directed to the individual panels. You can dynamically switch between these two modes as you desire.

A Valence Video Wall:

  • Engages your audience with large, stunning and brilliant visuals
  • Delivers your message in a visually appealing way, through still imagery, animations and video footage.
  • Provides flexibility in updating, controlling and scheduling ever changing content to suit your needs.
  • Can seamlessly move from a single big screen experience to displaying individual high definition images across a number of screens.
  • Can be configured to meet your space and display goals.

Your video wall is 'Cloud' connected

Your video wall is controlled and monitored through our ‘Cloud’ based digital signage system known as Panorama. You will not require IT staff to look after your wall and there is no other hardware or software you need to manage.

Video Wall Cloud control

Managing content is easy

Content for your video wall is uploaded through an easy to use web browser interface, which also provides you with a live preview of exactly what would be presented on the actual display screens.

Engaging your audience with stunning, large visuals can be done effectively and easily with a Valence Video Wall.

Download Panorama Brochure

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